News: GNH Wins Appeal on Arbitration Issue

On February 6, 2012, the California Court of Appeal unanimously affirmed the Los Angeles County Superior Court’s Order denying Nicolas Cage’s motion to compel arbitration against GNH client Samuel J. Levin. Levin had acted as Cage’s trustee in the sale of a home in Venice Beach. When both were sued by the purchaser of the home, Cage moved to compel arbitration of Levin’s claim against Cage for indemnity. Cage argued arbitration was required because the purchase agreement (which Levin had signed as trustee on behalf of Cage’s trust, the seller) contained an arbitration provision. The trial court denied Cage’s motion, and Cage appealed. The Court of Appeal affirmed the order denying Cage’s motion, finding that Levin’s claim for indemnity fell outside the scope of the arbitration provision.

For further details, view the published opinion at 2012 Cal.App. LEXIS 331.

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